Orphans future brighter thanks to international CU effort


An orphan at Busia

An orphan at Busia

Every 2 seconds a child in Sub-Saharan Africa loses a parent to AIDS. As a result, the number of orphans in the region is increasing faster than families can cope. And Kenya is one of the countries hardest hit.

Then, in 2007 in the Kenyan town of Busia – which borders on Uganda – the Busia Compassionate Centre opened. Although the centre couldn’t handle many children, they still were able to house 50.

However, the Centre lacked many things including:

  • Beds
  • A play area
  • A farm area
  • Water
  • Good sanitation
  • Adequate cooking facilities

But, in January, with help from WOCCU, and a combination of Kenyan, US and Canadian CUs, a new centre was opened on 3.5 acres of land, which is now home to 300 children. Another 150 are in foster homes in the nearby community. The Centre offers support for those foster families.

Clean water

Clean water

The new facility offers:

  • Three classrooms (although many children go to local schools)
  • Crayons, paper and other such supplies
  • Flush toilets
  • A place to wash
  • A grassy play area to ride bikes, play games
  • A wooden play set
  • Clean water
  • A kitchen with a chimney and food storage place
  • An area to plant to supply food
  • An area for chickens, goats and cows

Amongst the Canadian CUs who contributed are:

  • Central 1 (BC)
  • Consolidated (PEI)
  • Eagle River (NL)
  • Greater Vancouver Community (BC)
  • Westminster (BC)

This is a tiny effort in the face of the huge tide of children in desperate straits. But to each child its their life now and their future tomorrow.


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