A Year Devoted To Hunger

Dan Emery on the black Honda Ruckus. Myles Chung on the white Honda Ruckus.

What in heavens’ name would prompt a CU Marketer to give up a good job with his CU and spend a year travelling the country?   Hunger.   Dan Emery, 31, first experienced the hunger poverty brings in Peru many years ago. He had bought a pizza and found himself surrounded by hungry kids. His friend told him not to give it to them, because they would be beaten up by others wanting the food.   Back in the US Dan worked as a golf pro. He gave lessons to the ... [Continue reading ...]

Orphans future brighter thanks to international CU effort

An orphan at Busia

BUSIA, KENYA Every 2 seconds a child in Sub-Saharan Africa loses a parent to AIDS. As a result, the number of orphans in the region is increasing faster than families can cope. And Kenya is one of the countries hardest hit. Then, in 2007 in the Kenyan town of Busia – which borders on Uganda – the Busia Compassionate Centre opened. Although the centre couldn’t handle many children, they still were able to house 50. However, the Centre lacked many ... [Continue reading ...]

Three Success Factors for a Stronger Financial System in the Developing World

Itai Msiska and Lacy Chyz

By Lacy Chyz, Communications Coordinator, Lakeland CU When coming to work with the credit union system in Malawi I tried to leave expectations and ideals at the airport, but working alongside Itai, Elizabeth and Grace I’ve become even more passionate about the potential of SACCOs in southern Africa. They all look so sharp, in perfectly tailored outfits matching their magnetic personalities and management positions. Each woman is unique with her own ... [Continue reading ...]

Exclusive interview with Brian Branch


  MADISON, WI — WOCCU serves the world’s CUs in many ways In an exclusive interview with CU Newswire, WOCCU CEO Dr. Brian Branch talked about the organization's “menu” for the next 5 years. He said that, although each country has a unique situation, all CUs face three main challenges, no matter where they are or what their state of development. These are: Regulatory burdens Having a payment system to compete in the financial ... [Continue reading ...]

After Alberta … a move to Malawi


By Lacy Chyz.     Does the co-op community have its own gravitational pull? Once you join this movement, it’s nearly impossible to leave. If you’re like me, ready for a new challenge, you’ll likely move your talents to another branch of the co-op family tree. In Sept. that transition was stepping back from a full-time CU career and taking an internship with the CCA. I moved to Africa as Marketing Officer at the Malawi Union of Savings and Credit ... [Continue reading ...]

Interview with WYCUP 2013 Canadian Winner Benjamin Janzen

2013 WYCUP Winners (L to R)
Ben Janzen (Canada), Jen Vandehaar (Canada), Eber Ostemberg (Brazil), Caroline Domanski (UK), Christopher Morris (USA)

WYCUP 2013 Canadian Winner Benjamin Janzen Stewardship in Action Advisor, Mennonite Savings and CU Tell us a bit about your background I’ve been at MSCU for almost four years. Prior to that, I worked for three years at a Mennonite private school teaching, coaching, marketing and recruiting. Before that I was the Director for Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, a children’s summer camp and off-season retreat centre. What does your job at MSCU entail? I ... [Continue reading ...]

CU Newswire is covering the WOCCU Conference in Ottawa with daily reports.


CU Newswire is at the World Credit Union Conference in Ottawa, providing daily reports.   ... [Continue reading ...]

Where women work, we all benefit

Lacy Chyz, Communications Coordinator, Lakeland CU

Volunteering is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise whilst, at the same time, learning yourself, and having the experience of a lifetime. Lacy Chyz, Communications Coordinator at Lakeland CU, took on a volunteer assignment in Uganda, and has written of her experiences for CU Newswire. Here's her story ...  “I recently realized what I’m doing with my life actually matches my goals of making the world a better place. This ah-ha moment is ... [Continue reading ...]

The Employer Brand, an important tool


(by Guest Contributor Llara Nelson, MSc, PHR, CIPD, an HR specialist who has worked for a variety of companies in the US and Scotland) The employer brand is a concept that has been around for a very long time. However only recently has it been given due attention. Employer branding is more than a passing HR fad. Organizations already have a brand planned or not. The brand that the leadership wants to project may not be the brand that the employees or ... [Continue reading ...]

Bitcoin will be to money …

Bitcoin Logo

... what email was to snail mail. Or that is the prediction by some. Once mainly a buzz in techie circles, or promoted by Max Keiser on the Keiser Report, the Bitcoin is now appearing more and more in the mainstream press. Last week a British paper, The Guardian, had this video on its website. Over the last few weeks or so Bitcoin has gone on a roller coast of rate hikes and drops. Also the main trading sites have been hit with DDOS attacks. The ... [Continue reading ...]

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